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It happened one dark, rainy day…

Like the United Kingdom we have a lot of rainy days in the Netherlands. But there was one particular rainy day back in 2009 when two young entrepreneurs decided to move into the online business. In particular, the herbal dietary supplements.

While we had the technical know-how to build a custom web shop, the E-commerce business was entirely new for us. But who cared? We thought to ourselves, “if it is a new thing, it is a challenge”. The going was though and challenging. For more than a year, we struggled with search engine ranking positions, design and figuring out what products we should try to sell.

It has been a bumpy ride to reach our projected online goals for the first year. However, we drastically changed the strategy and went global. The global focus expanded our custom-built platform with 5 more shops.

It only took one more year before we decided to go seriously professional by switching one of our largest stores to the SEOshop platform. We were not really focused on this store, but this CRAZY little store quickly outperformed with extremely little effort. A couple of months later, we decided to switch all our stores to this proven platform.

SEOshop Mobile


Meanwhile, we encountered a new problem. We struggled to manage all the statistics of our webshops. But a problem raises a challenge, a challenge raises the need for a solution, and the need for a solution puts a bottle of Vodka on the table. The bottle of Vodka led to a LUNATIC idea. Why not build a Mobile App to keep us updated anytime and anywhere? We pitched the idea to SEOshop and they gave us access to their API. A couple of months later, the first SEOshop Mobile App was available and ready for production. The months after, we kept on working on improvements, and within a half  year, we released a major update. That version was awarded the App of the year 2013 prize and made us proud SEOshop gold partners. Another 6 months later, we launched an entire redesign of the App, and at the moment, we had over 1200 stores connected and sent over 1.000.000 push notifications. A LUNATIC idea, isn’t it? 😉


This success is where Shappz comes in. Like most webshop owners we are always looking for ways to improve our sales. Since we have the know-how of the SEOshop platform, we could easily create and implement new applications and integrations.


A quick look at our statistics, and we had to conclude that we are the proud owners of a large amount of Abandoned shopping carts. These carts are left behind for one-million different reasons, but one thing is for certain, they are left behind and they cannot be counted as turnover.

So we decided to tackle that problem. We wanted to keep track on the Abandoned carts and notify customers when they leave their carts abandoned. Eventually, we persuaded customers to pay their carts and reduce the Abandoned cart rate.

This first Shappz App was developed in the Shappz platform, a platform that is custom built and focuses on boosting your (and our) sales! Never forget, we will use the Apps ourselves!

We are always searching for new apps that will somehow boost your (and our) sales. Should you have any app suggestions, please feel free to contact us. Pitch your idea, and if we take it into production, we give you a life-time free usage of that particular app.

In addition, we offer a 14-day trial on all our Apps. Try them and you will notice that all these apps truly Boost your Sales! | Boost Your Sales