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Platform and MyStockNotifier Update

Over the past months we have worked hard to increase the overall scalability and performance of the Apps. With success, all our Apps load 4-5 times faster in both the backoffice and the store fronts. On the background we can handle 4-5 times more data then before. All-in-all, ready for some cool new updates and features. First big update: MyStockNotifier MyStockNotifier Update Conversion Tracking We love our to share data, especially if it concerns sales and conversion data. With retrospective effect of 3 months, you are able to see the turnover that MyStockNotifier has generated. The data is available for both the entire shop as well as per variant. We were surprised by the turnover its has generated so far. Over € 1.000.000 has been generated, simply by notifying customers that their favourite product is back on stock. Pre-filled Email The more requests you collect, the more potential turnover your can generate. With that in mind we have made MyStockNotifier a bit smarter. It know remembers the email address for 15 minutes. If a customer types their email, their email will be automatically pre-filled in the next popup in that store.   Variant Images What is what? How does that particular product look like? This all is history. We have made it easy to distinct and recognise products based on their image. At one glance you are able to actually see what products are out of stock. Want more detail? Simply click the image to enlarge it. Whitelisting Frequently having customers that are calling in, is this product back on stock soon? When will product B be available? Simply whitelist your office’s IP address and you can add unlimited email addresses to a single variant.   Order overview Extend your tracking and easily see which orders have converted due to the MyStockNotifier application. Clicking the order will give you insights on which products have converted and which not. Install MyStockNotifier Read more about the MyStockNotifier app here.

Shappz Q1 Release Notes

Over the past months we have been working hard on the stability and performance of the Shappz Platform. In addition, in order to support the international growth of the Lightspeed eCom, we have been working hard on finalising the Shappz US Cloud Setup. This setup is currently in Production and tested. As soon as we are confident that it can handle the EU load, we will duplicate the setup in EU. Beside internationalisation, stability and performance updates we have added minor tweaks to our Apps. All the updates are mentioned below:   MyAbandonedCart - Delayed webhooks; in the unlikely event SEOshop / Lightspeed eCom sends out the webhooks with a significant delay, we recognise the delay and webhooks are no longer processed within the application. This prevents customers to receive incorrect emails.   MyStockNotifier - Implemented per product thresholds; it is now possible to determine when the 'In Stock' message will be send to customers. This prevents customers from receiving messages when only 1 product is returned. - Delete requests; it is possible to delete requests on a product level.   MyBirthdayMailer - Date offset: it is possible to set a date offset when the Happy Birthday email will be send to customers. This enables that customers can receive their discount in advance.   Shappz Platform: - Caching Mechanisms; we have implemented several caching mechanisms to increase the performance and further stabilise the platform. The upcoming quarter we will further continue doing this. - Email Statistics: every application that sends out emails, is equipped with Open Rate statistics and Click Rate statistics. We will further develop this on a template basis. This will give you a better overview how your templates perform. - Timezones; in order to fully support the international setup, we have implemented timezones on all timestamps. - Company address in email; to support the international SPAM legislation and specific countries we have added the company address to every outgoing email. Please find all the details regarding this feature in this blog post.  

Company details in templates available

Inboxes are flooded with SPAM emails on a daily basis. Therefore, SPAM detected software is becoming stricter and stricter. In addition, several countries like Canada are enforcing company to add their company details to every out going conversation to costumers. At Shappz we do everything to reduce the amount of emails that are considered to be SPAM. Our open-rate on emails is on average around 60%. Depending on the App it can go up to 90%. In order to maintain those rates we have had to make adjustments to the way we sent emails. Company Details In the Shappz backoffice we have developed a section in which we have pre-filled your company details. Please verify these details. These details can be used in every template by using the following twig variables: {{ }} Displays the name of the company {{ company.owner }} Displays the owner of the company {{ }} Displays the phone number of the company {{ company.street }} Displays the address of the company {{ company.zipcode }} Displays the zipcode of the company {{ }} Displays the city of the company {{ company.region }} Displays the region of the company {{ }} Displays the country of the company {{ company.full|raw }} Displays the full address of the company on seperate lines In addition, all default templates have been adjusted. Please contact our support department if you need any assistance in adjusting your templates. We are readily available to assist you.  

MyStockNotifier – Pre-filled Email Addresses

Merchants have requested a tool that pre fills the customer's email address in the MyStockNotifier email address field. This was a briljant idea and easily integrated in the MyStockNotifier app. However, it requires some minor changes in the template. In order to have the email pre filled follow the next steps: Login to your SEOshop Dashboard Go to design Go to select template editor Edit template custom.rain Add the following line of code: Save the template. And your done! MyStockNotifier will automatically recognise the email and pre fills the field. Should you be in any need of assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

MyAbandonedCart Privacy Policy

Regulations regarding privacy become stricter and customers are becoming more and more privacy sensitive. In some geographical area's it is obliged to work with a privacy policy on your website. Therefore, we recommended that your privacy policy reflects the use of personal data. Please find some translated examples below. Feel free to use them. German Wir speichern Ihre persönlichen Daten, wie Ihre E-Mail Adresse, Rechnungs- und Versand-Adresse und Telefonnummer. Unser Ziel dabei ist es, Ihre Erfahrung in unserem Shop und mit unserem Kundenservice so reibungslos, effizient und persönlich wie möglich zu gestalten, z.B. mit einer Kontaktaufnahme, falls der Checkout Prozess nicht abgeschlossen wurde und um bei verlassenen Warenkörben nachzuforschen, ob es ein Problem mit der Nutzung unserer Seite gab. English We collect your personal data, such as email, billing address, shipping address and phone numbers. Our primary goal in collecting personal information is to provide you with a smooth, efficient, customised shopping and customer service experience,  such as contacting customers who have not checked out to follow up on abandoned shopping carts or to see if there was a problem with their use of the site.  Dutch We verzamelen persoonlijke gegevens, als bijvoorbeeld email,  factuur en verzend adres en telefoonnummers. Ons primaire doel in het verzamelen van persoonlijke gegevens is om je als bezoeker een zo soepel, efficiënt en gepersonaliseerde winkel ervaring te laten ervaren. Zo contacteren wij bijvoorbeeld klanten die hun winkelwagen hebben laten staan om te kijken of er een probleem was.

MyCustomerMotivator UPDATE

UPDATE 2014-12-10  Our popular MyCustomerMotivator app has been updated. From now on you can make the bars clickable. An optional field "Link" is added to the creation of a motivation. Once clicked, the customer will be redirected to that link. For statistics regarding the clicks, please visit the statistics section in the backoffice. Please bear in mind, that if you want to link to a product or category, the links may differ depending on the customer language. Therefore we have added a separate for each language.  


UPDATE 2014-12-03  Our populair MyCustomerMotivator app has been updated. From now on it is possible to have multiple campaigns running at once. When a customer visits a page and there are multiple campaigns, the app will choose a random campaign. | Boost Your Sales