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Platform and MyStockNotifier Update

Over the past months we have worked hard to increase the overall scalability and performance of the Apps. With success, all our Apps load 4-5 times faster in both the backoffice and the store fronts. On the background we can handle 4-5 times more data then before. All-in-all, ready for some cool new updates and features. First big update: MyStockNotifier MyStockNotifier Update Conversion Tracking We love our to share data, especially if it concerns sales and conversion data. With retrospective effect of 3 months, you are able to see the turnover that MyStockNotifier has generated. The data is available for both the entire shop as well as per variant. We were surprised by the turnover its has generated so far. Over € 1.000.000 has been generated, simply by notifying customers that their favourite product is back on stock. Pre-filled Email The more requests you collect, the more potential turnover your can generate. With that in mind we have made MyStockNotifier a bit smarter. It know remembers the email address for 15 minutes. If a customer types their email, their email will be automatically pre-filled in the next popup in that store.   Variant Images What is what? How does that particular product look like? This all is history. We have made it easy to distinct and recognise products based on their image. At one glance you are able to actually see what products are out of stock. Want more detail? Simply click the image to enlarge it. Whitelisting Frequently having customers that are calling in, is this product back on stock soon? When will product B be available? Simply whitelist your office’s IP address and you can add unlimited email addresses to a single variant.   Order overview Extend your tracking and easily see which orders have converted due to the MyStockNotifier application. Clicking the order will give you insights on which products have converted and which not. Install MyStockNotifier Read more about the MyStockNotifier app here. | Boost Your Sales