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Company details in templates available

28 maart 2016

Inboxes are flooded with SPAM emails on a daily basis. Therefore, SPAM detected software is becoming stricter and stricter. In addition, several countries like Canada are enforcing company to add their company details to every out going conversation to costumers.

At Shappz we do everything to reduce the amount of emails that are considered to be SPAM. Our open-rate on emails is on average around 60%. Depending on the App it can go up to 90%. In order to maintain those rates we have had to make adjustments to the way we sent emails.

Company Details

In the Shappz backoffice we have developed a section in which we have pre-filled your company details. Please verify these details. These details can be used in every template by using the following twig variables:

  • {{ }} Displays the name of the company
  • {{ company.owner }} Displays the owner of the company
  • {{ }} Displays the phone number of the company
  • {{ company.street }} Displays the address of the company
  • {{ company.zipcode }} Displays the zipcode of the company
  • {{ }} Displays the city of the company
  • {{ company.region }} Displays the region of the company
  • {{ }} Displays the country of the company
  • {{ company.full|raw }} Displays the full address of the company on seperate lines

In addition, all default templates have been adjusted. Please contact our support department if you need any assistance in adjusting your templates. We are readily available to assist you.


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