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You sell the items your customers love. It is a fact that most shopping carts are abandoned for a million different reasons. Some customers do not have their payment details available, while others just leave the cart and postpone the purchase.

MyAbandonedCart, a convenient app to retrieve abandoned carts and boost your sales.

The App features an interface with your Lightspeed webshop. When a registered customer logs in to your store, the app will notify this customer when he leaves something in his shopping cart without completing the process of placing an order.

You can remind this customer with 3 different emails all with different intervals. Turn that abandoned cart into an order and increase your sales 😉

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All our apps are priced in such a way that the pay for themselves! This app is priced at €9,95 a month, only 1 cart has to be recoup the monthly fee!


With our customisable templates the app will fit in your bespoke design. Should you have any design problems, please contact our support.


Our apps are designed and developed by shop owners that want to increase their sales. This app will increase your sales conversion ratio drastically.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times will a customer be reminded?

You can choose to remind the customer 1, 2, or 3 times. The first reminder will be sent 30 minutes after abandoning his or her cart. The second reminder will be send after 24 hours and the third reminder after 48 hours. You can manage the amount of reminders in the App settings.

What are the criteria for an abandoned cart?

When a customer places something in his or her cart but doesn’t complete the checkout process to make it an order.

Do I need any coding skills to install the app?

Not at all. Just go to the Lightspeed app store and activate the MyAbandonedCart app. Follow the steps and you are ready to go. Start retrieving abandoned carts right away! If you need any help with updating the standard templates, feel free to contact our design team.


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