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“Online trust is key! Content is King. MyProductReviews takes care of those concerns.”

Our proven technology and algorithms ensures that only for the right product a review request goes out. As a result, equally balanced reviews across all products requested with perfect timing.

MyProductReviews, a convenient app to automatically generate user generated-content. While increasing your customers’ trust and SEO ranking.

Within the online landscape it has never been that difficult to win your customers’ trust. With the user-generated and curated content, trust is easily increased.

Google loves new content. Every new review is new content for your website. A continous flow of new content improves your SEO rankin

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All our apps are priced in such a way that the pay for themselves! This app starts at €7,95 a month, for a minimum of 25 reviews per month.


With our customisable templates the app will fit in your bespoke design. Should you have any design problems, please contact our support.


Our apps are designed and developed by shop owners that want to increase their sales. Build engagement with your customers by offering rewards for writing reviews.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

MyProductReviews is fully integrated within the Lightspeed eCom system, with the power of the Shappz Platform. As a merchant you should deal with your daily business. Therefore, we have fully automated all features. MyProductReviews uses email and design templates. No worries, even for those we take care.

Do I get the yellow stars in Google? (Rich Snippets)

MyProductReviews uses the build in review system of Lightspeed eCom, you don’t have to take care of those richt snippets. They are already there 😉

Do I need any coding skills to install the app?

Not at all. Just go to the Lightspeed app store and activate the MyProductReviews app. Follow the steps and you are ready to go. After 4 days, we will send out the first review requests and your reviews will start to roll in.


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