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SEOshop Mobile

SEOshop Mobile

SEOshop Mobile, a convenient app to manage your webshop everywhere you go.


New Dashboard

The App features a dashboard that gives you direct access to your shops most important statistics, like turnover, visitors, pageviews, paid orders, and the total amount of orders. These stats can be filtered to daily, weekly, monthly and yearly statistics.

This App allows you, as webshop owner, to change the status of an order on the fly. In addition to managing your orders, you can easily view conversations within the ticket section.

Moreover, you can respond to tickets everywhere you go, leveraging ultimate customer service. Reviews can be filtered, edited and approved. Isn’t that convenient?

Push Messages

That is not all. This App will automatically notify you when a new order (with the amount), new ticket (with the customer name) or a review (with the product name) is created. Now you can directly show your friends you are making money, while in a bar ;-)….

Install App


The App is prices at €4.95 per month, with life-time free updates. In addition we offer a 14-day trial period (as to all our apps).


– Dashboard
– Stock tracking
– Reply to tickets
– Change order status
– Change / approve reviews

Push Messages

– New order
– New ticket
– New review
– Updated ticket


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SEOshop Mobile App capable of?

The app enables you to maintain, operate and change your store everywhere you go. Change an order status, check your reviews/tickets and immediately receive push notifications when new orders are placed.

Is there a trial period available for the SEOshop Mobile App?

Yes, off course! We offer you a 14 day trial period on all of our apps.

How do I install the SEOshop Mobile App?

Simply go to the Apple App store or Google Play Market, download the app to your smartphone and follow the instructions on your screen.




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