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What is Lightspeed eCom?

Lightspeed eCom offers a complete ecommerce solution

Starting your online store with Lightspeed eCom is very easy.  Lightspeed eCom is a SaaS solution that can easily be used by anybody. You don’t need to have any technical knowledge to start your online.  Lightspeed currently offers the most comprehensive online solution to maintain and your independent online store. The software is already used by companies such as Heineken, Philips, Dance4Life and

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Be Creative

Lightspeed eCom offers a wide range of templates from which you can chose. However, would you like to design your own store and identity? Lightspeed comes with included CSS and HTML editor to adjust the templates.

Wide selection of payment methods

No need for technical knowledge to install the needed payment methods. Lightspeed eCom comes with a wide-rage of pre-installed payment methods. You just have to select the methods.


Your website will automatically be optimized for all the search engines. Meta tags, tags, sitemaps, rich snippets and custom URLs ensure the most advantageous on-page optimization.

Extreme User-friendly

All daily tasks completed easily. The Lightspeed eCom platform is build for ease.  Order management, returns management, payment and customer service are all a breeze with Lightspeed’s user-friendly platform.

Moreover, Lightspeed eCom phone support to all customers!

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Smulweb Homestore

What do their customers say?

“When I started my shop, I did not see the forest for the trees.  So many shopping cart software providers are the same, but through knowledge of my capabilities and understanding, Lightspeed’s recommendations have enriched my experience. What surprised me was the great customer service and access to the support desk. Lightspeed gives me all the time and attention I need. I recommend Lightspeed eCom as the only company for customers who are thinking about starting a webshop”

Milton Caupain –

“The enthusiastic staff at Lightspeed eCom knows what they are talking about, and were able to clearly explain what was necessary for our clothing brands to launch successful webshops. We use Lightspeed for each country in which we want to expand our sales activities By combining all stores, the administrative part (back office) operations are considerably simplified. The knowledge of the service is high and the staff thinks about how you can simplify business processes. With their developed software subject to continuous updates of the latest techniques, you can’t actually make a wrong choice. “

Jeffrey van Beek – Defender Industries | Boost Your Sales